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Jimi Partington

Jimi is the lead shark Xpert on Guadalupe Island’s great white sharks, and your personal guide into the incredible world of great white shark diving in Guadalupe.

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  • Passionate about shark diving

    Passionate about shark diving

    The most established and experienced guide at Guadalupe today, spending more time in the water with the sharks here than anyone else on the planet! Combining passion with professionalism, there is no better Xpert to give you the ultimate White shark encounter.

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  • International Shark Diver

    International Shark Diver

    A wealth of diving and shark expertise from locations around the world spending month’s overseas working with great white sharks in South Africa. 10 years previous experience in the industry with various species in multiple shark operations and international locations.

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  • Featured on Shark Week

    Featured on Shark Week

    Chosen by Discovery, BBC and a host of other film networks, showcasing skills and knowledge for highly successful productions. Front of camera show hosting and behind the camera safety diver and logistics. Trusted by the professionals.

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