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Posted by Shark Diving Xperts Team on 15 Dec 2017

During September of our 2017 Guadalupe shark season we hosted Tabitha Lipkin from San Diego Fox 5 news. She wanted to capture the beauty of the Great White shark, showcase our exclusive expeditions and at the same time relay a conservation message to the public on just how important these animals are to the balance of our oceans.

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Featured on Fox news
  • Great White sharks in UK waters?

    Posted by Jimi on 22 Feb 2017

    With a new species of shark (the Crocodile shark) being washed up on a UK beach last week we look at the ongoing theory that perhaps one day a Great White will make headlines and will also be discovered in British waters. Read this update

    Great White sharks in UK waters?
  • Guadalupe cage breach incident 2016

    Posted by Jimi on 16 Feb 2017

    Last October footage of a White shark breaching into a dive operators cage went viral around the world. What was the story behind the footage? What went wrong? And what can be done to avoid such incidents in the future? Read this update

    Guadalupe cage breach incident 2016

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