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Discovery shoot – Guadalupe 2016

Posted by Shark Diving Xperts Team on 18 Dec 2016

To round off our 2016 season we where hired by discovery for a 2017 release of the latest “Serial killer” instalment. Concluding the ongoing story, we hosted the network for 3 days at the island making for a fantastic finale to our 2016 Guadalupe season.

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Discovery shoot – Guadalupe 2016
  • Discovery shark week 2016

    Posted by Shark Diving Xperts Team on 10 Jul 2016

    Its that time of the year again…shark week is upon us and in this years line up with are proud to announce our involvement with two of the schedules leading shows. “Air Jaws - Night Stalker” and “Wrath of a Great White serial killer”……….. Read this update

    Discovery shark week 2016
  • 2015 Media Productions

    Posted by Shark Diving Xperts Team on 22 May 2015

    Over the past year SDX and our team have been involved in some very exciting productions scheduled for release this year. Although we cannot give away too many plot details we can give you a small taster of what to look out for during this years annual shark week broadcasts and more. Read this update

    2015 Media Productions

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