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Gunther great white shark

Great White Shark diving in Guadalupe


Shark Facts:

  • Sex - Male
  • Size - 14 foot
  • Identification - Tagged dorsal fin, great migrant, confident and curious

Gunther shark profile

One of Guadalupe’s Islands tagged individuals, Gunther has been seen at the Island for many years and we have watched him grow to become a sizable male. Confident and very inquisitive, this shark has no fear!

He often mouths the cage bars to explore this alien object that has entered his underwater world.

Most sharks are very cautious of the cages but Gunther seems to take a natural curiosity towards them. Either he is using his mouth to “feel” the equipment or his senses are picking up electrical currents coming from the metals. When he displays this behavior he is not being aggressive, he is just being inquisitive, investigating new objects within in his environment.

Data from Gunther’s and other tagged sharks reveal that come late December, he migrates to a vast area in the mid Pacific. This habitat has been labeled the Shared Offshore Foraging Area, aka SOFA. Precisely why these predators visit SOFA remains a mystery but some suggest it is to hunt rather than reproduce. Only Gunther has the true answer to why he makes this great migration each year before returning to Guadalupe each July.

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