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Shredder great white shark

Great White Shark diving in Guadalupe


Shark Facts:

  • Sex - Male
  • Size - 14 foot
  • Identification - Shredded dorsal fin, Great showman, Legendary status

Shredder shark profile

Perhaps the most famous, observed and photographed great white shark in the world, Shredder is a true legend of Guadalupe. No other shark comes close to the performance and display he puts on for our guests.

Seen for 11 years (and on most trips during this time) sadly Shredder was last sighted in 2011 and has not been seen since, adding to his legendary status.

Although instantly recognizable from his shredded dorsal fin, this is not how this iconic shark got his name. He gained his title after biting (and completely shredding) straight through the anchor line of one of the operators’ boats during one of the first expeditions to the Island. The rest is history and a star was born.

His interaction around the boat and the cages was renowned. Rarely showing signs of caution and yet at the same time no aggression, he seemed to just simply be enjoying all the attention. Full of charisma, some trips he would visit the boat for days on end giving the guests an encounter of a lifetime. A true showman, who we desperately hope to meet again one day.

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