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Friends, partners and associates

We've formed partnerships and friendships with a wide range of incredible people who share our love for sharks and great white shark diving. You can learn more about each of them right here.

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  • Pelagios kakunja

    Pelagios kakunja

    Non-profit organisation founded by Mexican conservationists and scientists. SDX works directly with lead on site scientist Dr Mauricio Hoyos and his team of Biologists conducting Guadalupe white shark research and logistics throughout the season, continuing this partnership together into the future. Visit Pelagios kakunja official web site

  • Marine CSI

    Marine CSI

    The Marine Conservation Science Institute is a non-profit organization conducting ongoing research on the great white shark population at Guadalupe Island. SDX Continually contributes towards Biologist Nicole Nasby Lucas’ great white shark ID database. Our team has also aided with logistics and filming of Dr Michael Domeiers’ tagging expedition of 2012. Visit Marine CSI official web site

  • The Watermen Project

    The Watermen Project

    Dedicated to marine conservation, The Watermen Project are a non-profit organization lead by a team of highly skilled freedivers to aid and support global shark research. Our team has been involved in multiple successful projects together and will look forward to many more expeditions to come. Visit The Watermen Project official web site

  • Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

    Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

    Charity network supporting scientific research, improving public safety, and educating the community, to inspire conservation of Atlantic white sharks. Lead by Dr Greg Skomal, the conservancy run annual specialty expeditions with our team, forming a successful partnership. Visit Atlantic White Shark Conservancy official web site

  • Shark Research Committee

    Shark Research Committee

    The Shark research committee is a non-profit scientific organisation with Its primary focus being Pacific coast White shark behaviour and ecology. SDX has worked with founder Ralph Collier during film production as well as conducting ongoing research expeditions together at Guadalupe Island. Visit Shark Research Committee official web site

  • ABC 4 Films

    ABC 4 Films

    Andy Brandy Casagrande IV (ABC) is an award winning cinematographer, field producer and television presenter specialising in natural history documentaries around the world. SDX and ABC have collaborated on multiple productions and charters over the years most notably during the filming of Shark week documentaries. Visit ABC 4 Films official web site

  • Big animals global expeditions

    Big animals global expeditions

    Acclaimed photographer Amos Nachoum pioneered Big Animals Global Expeditions and developed award-winning photography that depicts protected wildlife. Amos and SDX have began a successful collaboration and we look forward to many charters together at Guadalupe. Visit Big animals global expeditions official web site

  • Alessandro De Maddalena

    Alessandro De Maddalena

    One of the worlds foremost shark experts, researcher, writer, illustrator, photographer and expedition leader, Alessandro runs world wide shark charters and joined SDX in 2015 for a successful collaboration at Guadalupe island. Passionate and educational, we look forward to hosting his expeditions together in the future. Visit Alessandro De Maddalena official web site

  • Marine Dynamics

    Marine Dynamics

    Highly successful great white shark cage diving operator located in Gansbaai, South Africa. By combining research with eco tourism, SDX has worked with experienced guide Dickie Chivell on film production at Guadalupe Island and has generated a working link and relationship between the two companies. Visit Marine Dynamics official web site

  • Apex shark expeditions

    Apex shark expeditions

    Lead by world-renowned shark expert and photographer Chris Fallows and his wife Monique, Apex is the most established white shark cage diving operation in False Bay, South Africa. Jimi, of SDX has been joining the team as crew and in-film production since 2012 as well as running future Guadalupe charters together. Visit Apex shark expeditions official web site

  • Discovery Channel

    Discovery Channel

    Home of the ever popular “Shark Week” and many other acclaimed documentaries for over 30 years. Discovery Channel production teams have worked with Jimi and SDX on may shoots and locations, expanding knowledge, science and film making techniques along the way. Visit Discovery Channel official web site

  • BBC


    Renowned for their award winning, innovative and groundbreaking documentaries. The BBC Natural History unit is forever pushing the boundaries of filmmaking. SDX and our team have worked as advisors and ran logistics together on multiple acclaimed productions. Visit BBC official web site

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