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Shark film and tv appearances

Shark Diving Xperts and our various team members have appeared on a wide range of shark TV shows and documentaries, chosen for our expert knowledge of sharks and experience of diving.

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  • Great White Abyss

    Great White Abyss

    Discovery Channel

    Jimi Partington and Brandon Mcmillan teamed up with Mauricio Hoyos and Andy Casagrande to search for the famous 20ft Great White shark, "Deep Blue". By using a combination of deep-water cage and submarine dives, the team filmed shark behaviour never before seen at such great depths. Visit Great White Abyss web site

  • Great White Serial Killer Lives

    Great White Serial Killer Lives

    Discovery Channel

    Concluding the hit franchise, Discovery Channel and SDX continued their collaboration once more. Used onsite to film and showcase a fascinating behaviour displayed by Great White sharks made for one of the series' most exciting moments. Visit Great White Serial Killer Lives web site

  • Wrath of a Great White Serial Killer

    Wrath of a Great White Serial Killer

    Discovery Channel

    SDX where used to film a main sequence for this ongoing study and franchise. The team captured White sharks up closer than ever before by using innovative techniques and behavioural expertise. Bite signatures from the sharks where also captured by using the famed “bite board." Visit Wrath of a Great White Serial Killer web site

  • Air Jaws - Night stalker

    Air Jaws - Night stalker

    Discovery Channel

    Jimi of SDX again teamed up with Chris Fallows in South Africa to aide logistics and filming for this ever popular shark week franchise. Using the latest camera technology the teams goal this time around was to document Great White shark behaviour at night like never before. Visit Air Jaws - Night stalker web site

  • Return of the great white serial killer

    Return of the great white serial killer

    Discovery Channel

    SDX worked directly with researchers, underwater filmmakers and TV hosts to try to find a link between Guadalupe Islands sharks and a shark/s tragically involved in a handful of shark attacks along the Californian coast line. Visit Return of the great white serial killer web site

  • Island of the mega shark

    Island of the mega shark

    Discovery Channel

    Discovery teamed up with us again during our 2014 season with one mission in mind – To attempt to find and film some of the worlds’ largest sharks on the planet today by using new technology with a number of gadgets and experiments. Visit Island of the mega shark web site

  • Shark



    Critically acclaimed mini series documenting the natural history of the shark species. SDX worked as advisors and ran on site logistics for the Guadalupe filming team during the making of this groundbreaking production. Visit Shark web site

  • Air Jaws – Fin of Fury

    Air Jaws – Fin of Fury

    Discovery Channel

    Hugely popular shark week franchise focusing on the search for one shark, “Colossus”, a famed animal found in the waters of South Africa. Jimi of SDX joined the team of shark experts to find, film and photograph this legendary shark. Visit Air Jaws – Fin of Fury web site

  • Spawn of Jaws

    Spawn of Jaws

    Discovery Channel

    Our team was used for logistics in filming and aiding the tagging of multiple Guadalupe GW sharks in the fall of 2012. During the shoot the team and researchers onboard managed to tag an 18ft pregnant female and track her migration for the following 2 years. Visit Spawn of Jaws web site