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Legend of Deep Blue

Posted by Shark Diving Xperts Team on August 27, 2019

Legend of Deep Blue

Shark Week is upon us once more and we are pleased to announce Jimi and our team are again featured in Discovery channel's huge annual event! After the success of “Great white abyss” we returned to the depths of Guadalupe in the fall of 2018 in search of the largest and most famous shark in the world…the legendary “Deep Blue”…

A return to the abyss

In 2017 we made history as we filmed great white sharks deeper than ever before. “Great white abyss” was easily the biggest and most ambitious film our team had been involved in and after its critical success we where soon commissioned to follow it up. Planning and post production began midway through 2018 as once again we collaborated alongside some of Guadalupe Island’s leading scientists to continue the search for “Deep Blue.”

“Deep Blue” has become an internet sensation over the past years. Its all began back in 2013 when she was famously filmed interacting with one of the cages of a Guadalupe tour operator, showing off her enormous size! Since then, not a trip goes by without someone asking about this particular shark and her name is now famous in the world of shark diving. Everyone wants to catch a glimpse of her! But the fact is that she is highly elusive and how would you even begin to search for an animal that barely shows herself to the dive boats and most likely stays most of her life in the deep? Well, our team had some ideas up their sleeves…..

Adventures in the deep

Leading the search alongside Jimi was Brandon McMillan. Brandon and Jimi have worked together on 4 Shark Week projects and we love this partnership as both of them share a real passion for animals. Jimi (obviously with his love of sharks)  and Brandon who comes from a long background in animal behaviour, which includes work with many large predators such as lions, tigers and grizzly bears. 

To begin the search, Brandon took to the cages whilst Jimi lured some of the larger sharks up from the deep. This dive was thrilling for Brandon as he had many close encounters with the resident sharks, culminating in one of the larger females latching onto the bottom of the cage and giving Brandon a ride for his money! No sightings of “Deep Blue” yet so Jimi and Brandon decided to go a little deeper…..

Dropping our deep cage into the depths and deploying a deep sea camera called “Phantom”, Jimi and Brandon saw evidence that the deeper they go in the water column, the bigger the sharks seemed to be getting. With no time to loose the next stage was to drop the “Phantom” camera to the bottom of Guadalupe and see if they can get any kind of evidence that the mega sharks are down there.

Spending days and nights on the sea floor, the “Phantom” camera captured many large mature female great white sharks and filmed behaviours rarely witnessed before. The technology that we can now use today is just incredible and every time we drop a deep camera or dive into the depths of Guadalupe we always seem to find or see something new and unique. It had been a bold and fascinating expedition that was far from easy! Then, just as was we wrapped up shooting and returned to land, incredible news broke many miles away in Hawaii…

The legend lives on

Incredibly, just as we began post production the big girl did in fact turn up! Not at Guadalupe, but thousands of miles away feeding on a whale carcass off Big Island, Hawaii. This encounter once again swept across international news just adding to her fame! She was positively identified through photographs taken by divers who swam with her as she gorged on the whale and after one incredible day of seeing her..she once again disappeared into the great big ocean to seemingly continue her vast migration. What an end to an incredible story! “Legend of Deep Blue” aired in the summer of 2019 and was one Discovery channel’s major hits of the week with audiences tuning in to learn the story (and now legend!) of the world’s most famous great white shark…

We hope you enjoy the show and look forward to continuing the search for this incredible animal into the future…

SDX Team

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