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2019 Guadalupe Season

Posted by Shark Diving Xperts Team on December 20, 2019

2019 Guadalupe Season

2019 marked the 10th season of SDX running trips to Guadalupe Island, wow, where has that time gone?! Its been an incredible journey and from humble beginnings of just running a few trips we are now full to capacity and our schedule just keeps getting bigger and better! 2019 was another excellent season with plenty of guests, sharks and film production!….


As ever, we ran from September through to December as we find this is peak time for the shark activity in the north east bay of Guadalupe. Some operators begin their Guadalupe season early however, we find that it only really starts to get going from September onwards plus we like to run a little later into the season for a chance to see those elusive big females who typically return to Guadalupe at the end of the year.

We would have to say, 2019 was another classic year for conditions, sharks and activity. September was nice and hot with the highest numbers of sharks recorded (some trips up to 30 individuals!). Mostly males are seen at this time however we did get a few weeks of action from “Screaming Mimi” who, although is not yet a “mega sized” female is growing fast and is now a full bodied and very bold 14 footer. We had some great early season trips with Mimi whom the crew are becoming very fond of.


Into October the action really started to peak. Our first “mega shark” to arrive was the famous “Lucy”. We love this shark and she turned up completely unexpectedly one afternoon much to the sheer delight of our guests and crew! She has featured on Discovery channel countless times and luckily she stayed with us long enough for all our guests to get in the cage to see her. It really was one of the season highlights. Next up came a private charter with Paul De Gelder and Joe Romiero from Shark Week and what a trip that was! Taking to the stage during that trip was the enormous 17ft female “Bullet”. This shark became an instant celebrity after she decided to bite down on one of our cage floats! International media outlets got hold of the footage of “Bullet” and made her a viral star. More information on this encounter can be read in our “Bullet goes viral” news page under “In the news” section.


November was another solid month and trips where coming thick and fast plus the shark action was not slowing down! “Lucy” was seen for another few weeks and we where getting the usual high action on the baits from the likes of “Geoff”, “Lady Bolton”, “Luca” and the newly nicknamed “Joker”. Mid November also saw us run another exclusive charter from the Shark Research Committee hosted by Ralph Collier. Yet another huge success! We love collaborating with Ralph and have another trip lined up already for 2020.


Our regular trips took us all the way up to Thanks-giving and soon after we returned to the Island one more time to film for Shark Week 2020. Teaming up again with Shark Week famed producer Jeff Kurr, we got some of the most insane footage that we have ever managed to capture with the sharks being on top of their game, even so late into the season. Although we cannot give away plot details we can tell you that we have some amazing footage up our sleeves and look forward to showing it to the world come the summer of 2020. Stay tuned shark fans!

Another season, another wrap and now we are busy counting down the days till it all starts again in the fall of 2020. Our schedule has been released and we are now taking bookings so if you want to sign up…..get in touch today and let us take you to the “Island of the mega sharks”…….

SDX Team

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