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Guadalupe November 2016

Posted by Shark Diving Xperts Team on December 7, 2016

Guadalupe November 2016

2016 had began better than any season to date…the question was, could we keep up this incredible average? We had seen big females earlier than any past year and one shark, “Scarboard” was making a real name for herself. November is typically the best time of the season for the “mega” sharks to turn up………

Season finale

Our November schedule was filled with private charters but before those we had two regular trips still to run. At this time of the year, the weather cools off and the island has a completely different feel to it from those hot September trips. With still a long way to go we approached November with high optimism.

Regular trips 9 - 10

After spending the previous few trips in the company of the magnificent “Scarboard”, our team where very excited to get back out to the island to keep encountering this animal while she was around. Trip 9 got exactly that! We had her straight away as well as the famous “Lucy”  and a host of other individuals throughout. During trip 10 “Scarboard” continued to make unforgettable appearances and at the same time “Dotty” (who we hadn’t seen since back in late September) also stole the show one morning by showing off her fiery temperament on the baits.

Trips 11 - 12 Atlantic White shark Conservancy

This season we hosted for the first time members of the Atlantic White shark Conservancy. A Charity network supporting scientific research, improving public safety, and educating the community, to inspire conservation of Atlantic white sharks. Led by Dr Greg Skomal, we ran two trips back to back and encountered many large females throughout including “Scarboard”, “Lucy”, Bry Penney” and “Apollo Orion”. Hosting this group was a privilege for our team and we look forward to many collaborations in the future together.

Trip 13 Shark Research Committee

After 2015’s successful expedition with Ralph Collier and the shark research committee we where delighted to welcome them back once more including many returning guests. Last year we where lucky enough to see the 17ft female “Tail scratch” on this expedition so the expectations where high! Luckily we had a great trip with sharks on every rotation in the cages. “Bry Penny” (a 16ft girthy female we identified last year) was the star this time around with her vertical approaches from underneath the cages. Even though November is famous for those big females, some of our regular males where also still performing including “Luca” and “The Legend”.

So thats it……..almost. As we enter December we had a 5 day Discovery channel shoot booked (you can read about this once published in the “Media” news pages) but as far as the regular season went, it was definitely one of our best, if not THE best!

Thank you to all the guests and of course the sharks!

SDX Team

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