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Bella great white shark

Great White Shark diving in Guadalupe


Shark Facts:

  • Sex - Female
  • Size - 17 foot
  • Identification - Beautifully streamlined, Unique gill formation, Often accompanied by pilot fish

Bella shark profile

At over 17ft in length, perfectly proportioned and streamlined, Bella is one of the most beautiful great white sharks found at Guadalupe Island. Often accompanied by pilot fish that she picks up during ocean migrations.

Highly migratory, we see Bella almost every two years most notably during 2012 when she was the first of the big females to visit us that season. Straight out of the movies, we spotted her dorsal fin cutting the surface a few hundred yards away before she turned and swam directly towards us. As she swam down the starboard side of the boat, her sheer size and power left many guests speechless. We have gone on to have many great moments with her since.

Seeing a shark like Bella, in her natural environment from the safety of our cages is a truly humbling experience. She cannot be tamed, cannot be kept in captivity, weights the same as a small vehicle and is as long as a minibus. One of the worlds’ last unknown predators, unchanged for millions of years swimming effortlessly and majestically within touching distance of our divers.

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