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Deep Blue great white shark

Great White Shark diving in Guadalupe

Deep Blue

Shark Facts:

  • Sex - Female
  • Size - 20 foot
  • Identification - Record size, Vertical slashes down flanks, Media sensation

Deep Blue shark profile

In 2013 footage of Deep Blue went viral around the world and without her knowing it, she was made famous overnight! Estimated at 20ft in size she is the without doubt the biggest shark at Guadalupe and one of the largest specimens on the planet!

Although our team has yet to meet this incredible creature, we hope that someday in the future, she will grace us with her presence.

In 2013 Dr Mauricio Hoyos posted footage of Deep Blue online as she visited one of the operating boats cages. Her size was like no other. As she swam past the cage, one of the Divemasters pushed her away from the bars and in that moment her size of 20ft became evident! Unfazed, she continued to swim around the cages before disappearing into the deep. A once in a life time encounter for the divers at the time and little did she know how famous she was about to becomeā€¦.

The footage was not only a internet sensation but also mainstream media outlets across the world picked up on her story as the world became fascinated by this mega shark. The interesting thing about Deep Blue is that she has actually only been spotted in two years at Guadalupe. 2013 (when the footage was taken) and prior to this way back in 1999. This begs the question, how is it possible that such a huge animal has gone so undetected all these years? She could also be as old as 50 years of age, just adding to the mystic of these magnificent creatures.

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