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2020 Guadalupe dates released!!!

Posted by Shark Diving Xperts Team on November 11, 2019

2020 Guadalupe dates released!!!

The 2020 Guadalupe Island Great White shark season schedule is out! This is our BIGGEST SCHEDULE RELEASE TO DATE!!! Don't miss out on this unique once in a lifetime experience! We will be running regular trips, private charters as well as hosting film productions! Contact us today for your chance to visit the Island of the mega sharks!

2020 Dates

Trip 1 –  Sep 22 – Sep 27 – Reserved

Trip 2 –  Sep 28 – Oct 3

Trip 3 –  Oct 4 – Oct 9

Trip 4 – Oct 10 – Oct 15

Trip 5 – Oct 17 – Oct 22 (Paul De Gelder and Joe Romeiro expert led photography science expedition)

Trip 6 – Oct 23 – Oct 28 (Paul De Gelder and Joe Romeiro expert led photography science expedition)

Trip 7 Oct 29 – Nov 3

Trip 8 – Nov 4 – Nov 9

Trip 9 – Nov 10 – Nov 15 – Reserved

Trip 10 – Nov 16 – Nov 21

Trip 11 – Nov 22 – Nov 27 – Reserved


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    Shark Diving Xperts offers you the opporunity to travel to San Diego and onto the Island of Guadalupe, to experience shark diving with the planet's largest great white sharks!

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  • Shark profiles

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    Every single great white shark that visits our boat brings a unique personality with them, and so we've made profiles for each shark to help you get to know them before arriving!

    Shark Profiles

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    Are you ready to begin your Guadalupe shark diving adventure, or would you just like a little more information? Get in touch today and we'll respond as soon as we possibly can!


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