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Discovery shoot 2017

Posted by Shark Diving Xperts Team on December 20, 2017

Discovery shoot 2017

Late into December we hosted Discovery channel for what was going to be our biggest and boldest collaboration to date! Spending a total of 10 days at sea and with a budget bigger than ever before, not only did we capture the most insane shark footage but also produced what is due to be an epic shark week 2018 documentary!

Top secret

We are unable to give away our secrets of what we filmed however we can tell you that this shoot was a year in the making from early development stages to its filming conclusion. It was an ambitious task and we aimed to film segments that had never been done before……We are happy to announce that we got what we wanted plus a whole lot more!!


Our lips are sealed as far as releasing what we ended up filming but we can tell you that the premise of the show was all about the deep and the uncharted waters surrounding Guadalupe island. We managed to explore depths never been to before and at the same time film sharks and behaviours brand new to shark week! We cant wait for the world to see it!


The team consisted of Jimi Partington, Brandon McMillan, Mauricio Hoyos and Andy Casagrande with the backing of Jeff Kurr and his production team plus the SDX crew. It was a fantastic collaboration of expertise, knowledge, hard work and a lot of patience! The best in the business went bolder than ever and pulled it out of the bag once more!


Due for a release during Shark week 2018 this show will be unlike any our team have been involved in to date. So much incredible footage was captured during the shoot that it will be hard to fit it all into the show! One thing is for sure……we truly believe we have filmed something new, fresh and exciting for shark week and turning everything we thought we knew about Guadalupe island and its sharks on its head. We thought we had seen it all….until now.

Shark week is celebrating its 30th year this year so what better time for our groundbreaking episode to air…….as ever SDX will keep you updated on release dates for all documentaries our team has been involved in so watch this space and get ready for one of the best shark week shows to date this coming summer!!!

SDX Team 

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