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Welcome to our new web site!

Posted by Jimi on May 23, 2015

Welcome to our new web site!

The entire team at Shark Diving Xperts is thrilled to finally unveil our brand new, mobile-friendly web site that has been developed from scratch to give our friends and guests the best possible online experience.

A new beginning

Welcome to Shark Diving Xperts’ brand new website and fresh, revamped design.  Building any kind of website is highly time consuming and (most of the time) very dull. However, when your subject and your content is ‘great white sharks’ we see it as being very exciting, highly productive and believe we have achieved a very modern, sleek, and highly informative site for you to enjoy.


So, what's new?

We want you to enjoy the site and see it as a true representation of our trips and our work at Guadalupe Island today. As well as all the usual up to date trip information we have added a few “extras” for your entertainment. You will see we have profiled our favorite sharks at the island as well as adding in a shark FAQ and research page. Also are links to our latest TV production work plus a news section to keep you up to date with all the latest shark findings from Guadalupe and around the world.  Our new shark team as well as the islands leading scientists are also featured and profiled.

The new site would not have been possible without the support from the following that we wish to thank –

Dr Mauricio Hoyos, Edgar Becerril, Dr Michael Domeier, Nicole Nasby Lucas, William Winram, Fred Buyle, Lukas Muller, Ralph Collier, Dickie Chivell, Chris and Monique Fallows, Jeff Kurr, Scott Degraw and the entire Discovery team and Steve Greenwood and Rachel Butler from the BBC Natural History unit.

Special thanks to David Edwards of EDNA who has brought such a great vision and passion to the project.

The future of Shark Diving Xperts

The brand new site comes at a perfect time for SDX as we have so many exciting future projects coming up…

This year we have one of our biggest seasons ahead. Beginning in September we are running tourism trips all the way through till late November and possibly beyond with more TV production. We have two special scientific expeditions (which we are very excited about!) as well as ongoing contributions to the research conducted at the Island from its leading scientists. Keep an eye out for future news bulletins on all of these projects.

As shark week approaches, tune in for two shows that we will be featured heavily on, “Return of the GW serial killer” and “Island of the Mega shark”. Both these shows were filmed with our team last November and although I’m not allowed to give out plot details, I can confirm that we filmed some incredible scenes and feature many of our favorite gigantic female sharks! We will be watching Discovery channel very closely this summer.

All our social media outlets have also had a new shot in the arm so please sign up for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube as well as our website newsletter to stay involved and up to date on what we are hopeful should be a very exciting year ahead…………..

So please enjoy the new site, if you are a previous guest checking in with us or if you are a new fan wanting to experience one of our expeditions do not hesitate to get in touch. It is only a pleasure to help make this a reality and share our passion, knowledge and expertise of the sharks and this incredible location with you.

I look forward to seeing you onboard soon!

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