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2015 Guadalupe Shark Diving Season

Posted by Shark Diving Xperts Team on May 29, 2015

2015 Guadalupe Shark Diving Season

Since we began our shark diving trips, SDX has gone from strength to strength each year successfully running regular trips, private charters and film productions along the way. We are pleased to announce that our 2015 season schedule is our biggest yet! Here are a few things we are looking forward to this year.

Regular shark diving trips - September 15 to November 14

Running from September through till November, this is our biggest schedule at Guadalupe to date. Each 5 day all-inclusive trip brings our guests up close and personal to great white sharks from the safety of our cages and offers a true wildlife experience. We are filling up fast so if you would like to join us this year get in touch today and don’t miss out.

Specialty Expedition / Course in shark biology hosted by Alessandro De Maddalena November 15 – 20

This year we will be running an exclusive specialty expedition with world-renowned shark expert Alessandro De Maddalena. As well as encountering great white sharks in their habitat, guests on the expedition will learn about biology, ethology and ecology of these fascinating predators. This is the 20th edition of this field course after the great success of previous expeditions in South Africa and South Australia. Spaces are limited so get in touch fast for details.

Special scientific expedition hosted by Ralph Collier November 21 - 26

Another first of its kind specialty expedition hosted by Ralph Collier of the Shark Research Committee in California. This trip will combine both cage diving with ongoing research being done at the island and will be coordinated directly with marine Biologist Edgar Becerril who has been studying Guadalupe’s sharks here for the past 3 years. Spaces again are very limited so get in touch soon for details of this exciting expedition.

TV and Film production – Mid November onwards

We are in the middle of scheduling multiple film productions for late in the season this year and have spaces left from late November onwards for additional production work. We keep the end of November onwards open, as it is a fantastic time to film at the Island due to the unique conditions and the incredible wildlife encountered at this time (November sees the return of the huge mature female white sharks). If you would like to book a film charter get in touch today.

To join us on any of the above expeditions please get in touch for what is looking like being a fantastic shark season for SDX –

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