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Bullet goes viral

Posted by Shark Diving Xperts Team on October 30, 2019

Bullet goes viral

There are times during the season that stand out above the rest. Midway through October 2019 one shark visited the boat making an immediate impression and giving us one of those unforgettable moments. Her name was “Bullet”, a 17ft mega shark and after she decided to bite onto one of our cage floats, it wasn’t long before footage of this encounter was picked up by the media and “Bullet” soon went viral…

Mega shark Bullet

So what happened? We where running an exclusive charter with Paul De Gelder and Joe Romiero from Shark Week and the trip was going along just like any other. We where having awesome shark interactions, fine weather and the boat was full of very enthusiastic guests. After an awesome first day of diving we started day two with no idea what was going to happen next!

It was around lunchtime and suddenly the shark action went up to a very high level. At this point not only did we have multiple sharks around the cages, but the average size of the animals was very impressive. No shark was less than 14ft in length. It was like all the big ones had come out to play! Then, amongst this group of sharks, a giant emerged. She was easily the biggest shark of the season and in true mega shark fashion, she was totally unafraid of the cages and the equipment, giving our cage divers some incredible passes.

After making a number of very close turns next to our cages and with growing curiosity, her big moment came when she decided to open her jaws and test bite one of our plastic floats that is attached to one side of our cage. After clamping her jaws onto the floats and shaking her head for a few seconds she then let go, no worse off from the encounter and then continued her amazing display of circling our divers. What an experience, and even more so for the divers that happened to be inside the cage when she decided to give it a good shake!

To say the divers where ecstatic after this encounter is an understatement and after reviewing the footage over many beers that following evening we managed to ID the shark and realised that it was in fact, the now famous “Bullet”. We have seen her a few times in the past but it was after this counter that a true star was immediately born! Definitely a once in a lifetime encounter! Incredible.

Viral senstation

Once the trip was over we posted some clips of “Bullet” and her encounter online and it did not take long for international media to pick up the story and make “Bullet” famous! And rightly so, it was a very special moment that truly captured a wild close encounter. The footage shows an apex predator in total control, very sure of her surroundings and extremely confident. Better still was that the guests who took the footage had no fear during the encounter and where rightly thrilled to be able to witness such an incredible and beautiful creature close up.

We saw “Bullet” once more during the following weeks, however after that she disappeared, just adding to her now legendary status. These size sharks are typically very elusive and rare so it makes encounters with them even more special. In 10 years of running these trips we have never had a shark make such an immediate impression like “Bullet” did and she has automatically gone down now as one of our “classic sharks”. An amazing show and we hope that we will be seeing this shark for many more years to come!

To see viral footage of “Bullet” click on the link and enjoy! –

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