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The Legend – Shark of the season 2017

Posted by Shark Diving Xperts Team on December 30, 2017

The Legend – Shark of the season 2017

Each season we have one shark that is our star performer, a shark that is seen more regularly than any other, and when he (or she) does turn up…completely steals the show! In 2017, the crown went to “The Legend”, a 13ft male who many of our guests will remember for the rest of their lives….

Shark of the season

Since we have been running expeditions to Guadalupe we have encountered many big characters along the way. Back in 2010 and 2011 there was only one winner…the famous “Shredder”. This was a shark that every boat operating at the island new and so many guests had the pleasure of meeting. In 2012 the honour of “shark of the year” was passed over to “Biteface” another of Guadalupe’s older males. Since then, other winners included some of the big females….“Sarah”, “Lucy” and the enormous 18ft “Scarbaord” in 2016. To make the cut you have to be a special shark and have to earn the accolade…..”The Legend” stepped up to the plate during 2017. 

Shark of 2017

His reputation had been growing over the previous two season but it was 2017 that this shark really came into his own. We saw him from the start of the season to the end and when he did turn up, he was the shark that everyone remembered. As well as being very active on the baits, his favourite manoeuvre was swimming (or circling!) around the cages, very, very close. Sometimes brushing his fins up against the bars as he swam past and getting close enough for the divers to look directly into his dark and beautiful blue eyes. During the end of the season he was easy to identify because he seemed to have picked up a whole entourage of pilot fish making him also very photogenic. A fabulous shark and worthy winner!

The Legend

Named after american sniper Chris Kyle, we first encountered “The legend” in the 2015 season. It was apparent even then that although he was a smaller shark (around 13ft) he had the potential to be a fan favourite. In 2016 his reputation continued to grow and was actually featured in the Shark week production “Great White serial killer lives” where he can be seen lunging on the baits with his jaws wide open, captured in incredible high definition.  He has been tagged by on site researcher Mauricio Hoyos on numerous occasions and has contributed to his study to discover the movements of the Great White sharks around the island. We hope for many more encounters with this amazing animal long into the future.

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