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Discovery shark week 2016

Posted by Shark Diving Xperts Team on July 10, 2016

Discovery shark week 2016

Its that time of the year again…shark week is upon us and in this years line up with are proud to announce our involvement with two of the schedules leading shows. “Air Jaws - Night Stalker” and “Wrath of a Great White serial killer”………..

2015 filming for 2016 release

Last year saw a busy year for filming these two separate productions in two different Great White shark locations. During August of 2015, Jimi of SDX was working for renowned shark expert and photographer Chris Fallows in aiding the production of the latest “Air Jaws” instalment. Then late into October at Guadalupe, the SDX team where hired for the filming of one of the latest “Serial killer” instalments’ major scenes……


The Air Jaws franchise has now been running since the early 2000’s and scheduled for a 2016 shark week release was the 9th instalment, this time titled “Air Jaws – Night Stalker.” The series has always pushed the boundaries of filming Great White sharks primarily in South Africa at the famed hot spot of Seal Island. This time around the teams goal was to film wildlife at night with the most up to date and sophisticated technology, giving us more of an understanding of the behaviour of the sharks and their relationship and interactions with the cape fur seals.

This was one of the most difficult shoots we have been involved in and one of the most tiring. Early mornings and late nights on top of few and far between action meant for much dedication, hard work and a lot of patience. We where at sea all together for almost a month daily (when the weather allowed) and although most of time was spent waiting……when the action did arrive it was spectacular. Witnessing sharks hunting at night, the cape fur seals behaviour during full moon plus dolphin and whale interactions was just some of the highlights. The show was completed on a separate shoot in 2016 and has made for an entertaining and highly education chapter of the Air Jaws series.


The Serial killer franchise started back in 2013 and has been one of the most popular series in the past few years. Following the story of shark attacks along the Californian coast and asking the question “Could the same shark be involved in the same attacks?” has made fascinating viewing. The SDX team where involved in the second instalment of the saga in 2014 when Jimi took the shows presenter, Brandon McMillan to meet some of Guadalupe Islands big female White sharks. In October 2015 we where once again hired for our expertise for this 3rd chapter in the series titled “Wrath of a Great White serial killer.”

Our team was hired for a very specific task….part of the show was to get a Great White sharks bite impression. To do this, Discovery had designed a “bite board” made of wax that once a shark bit down on, would leave perfect tooth impressions and allow the team to compare bite signatures and estimate sizes of other bite signatures from shark attack victims. Contrary to popular belief, White sharks are very shy around new and foreign objects so this was no easy task. It involved a great understanding of shark behaviour as well as knowing when and how to deploy the board. After a few failed attempts we managed to pull it off when a large male completely took hold of the board, leaving perfect tooth impressions before completely biting the board in half!

Shark week is always such an important time for shark coverage and media attention. The schedule grows bigger every year and after being involved every year since 2012 we are already looking ahead at future shows together. Enjoy this years listings and stay tuned for many future productions still to come……..

SDX Team

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