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2015 Scientific Specialty expedition

Posted by Shark Diving Xperts Team on May 22, 2015

2015 Scientific Specialty expedition

This year we are running a first of its kind scientific expedition hosted by Ralph Collier of the Shark Research Committee alongside Jimi Partington of SDX and on site marine biologist Edgar Becceril.

Scientific Specialty Expedition, hosted by Ralph Collier: November 21 – 26 2015

This 5 day expedition will give guests close encounters with great white sharks from the safety of the cage as well as contributing and aiding ongoing research being conducted on the sharks found here.

The team

Ralph Collier is one of the worlds leading shark experts specializing in shark attack analysis along the Pacific coast. With years of experience studying great white sharks, Ralph is the perfect host for this kind of expedition teaming up alongside Jimi Partington of SDX and Edgar Becceril one of the Islands leading scientists. Together with the rest of our crew this team will make a fantastic well-rounded, exciting, fun, safe and educational expedition.

Great white shark cage diving

During the 5 day expedition, guests onboard will be able to have over 15 hours of underwater time in the cages with the sharks and certified divers onboard will have the additional option of viewing sharks from our submersible cage descending to 12 meters below the surface. With Ralph, Jimi and Edgars’ expertise, you will learn behavior and biology of white sharks found at the Island and will also help contribute to the ongoing photo ID database conducted here by our team.

Great white shark research

Ralph and Edgar are going to be primarily taking DNA samples of many of the sharks seen on this expedition for an ongoing research study linking the genetics of white sharks at Guadalupe Island and up and down the Pacific coast. This is a very exciting and unique study that will potentially help us understand more of the migratory patterns and behavior of these super predators. You will directly see the research taking place and the results of these findings could have some fantastic implications for the population of white sharks.

Join this incredible great white shark diving trip in Guadalupe!

Spaces are limited and in high demand for this one of its kind expedition so please get in touch for details ASAP. Based on the success of this expedition this year we will be looking at continually running this unique charter annually, so to sign up for future trips please enquire today and don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

We look forward to seeing you onboard!

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