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Specialty Charters 2019

Posted by Shark Diving Xperts Team on January 10, 2020

Specialty Charters 2019

During the 2019 season we once again hosted and partnered with some very special guests to run some exclusive and unique private charter / science trips. Early in the season we welcomed back Paul De Gelder alongside Joe Romiero and late in the season we once more partnered with Ralph Collier and the Shark Research Committee for our 5th collaboration! Both charters turned out to be a huge success!

Paul De Gelder and Joe Romiero

Shark attack survivor, navy diver and Shark Week host Paul De Gelder joined us in 2018 as a guest and he loved his time with us so much that he and Joe Romiero put together this exclusive charter and what a trip it tuned out to be! Cinematographer Joe was running a photography workshop whilst onboard and the scene was set for one of the best trips of the year. Fantastic guests, amazing weather and incredible sharks all played their part in making this particular charter a lot of fun!

Undoubtably, the highlight being “Bullet” a 17ft giant female that turned up on the second day of cage diving. “Bullet” has been seen very rarely over the past few years but it was after this meeting that she has now become an instant favourite with our team. When she turned up at the boat her size was unmatched. We only get a few sightings of sharks this size each year and even when we do, it is often just a fleeting visit. “Bullet” on the other hand stayed with us for hours! Her big moment came when she decided to take a bite out of one of our cage floats (much to the excitement to those onboard and even more to those in the cage at the time!) What a moment and we cannot wait to host Paul and Joe (and hopefully “Bullet”!) again in 2020.

Ralph Collier

Hosting Ralph Collier and the Shark Research Committee has been a pleasure since we began back in 2015. We first met Ralph in 2014 when we collaborated on the Shark Week show “Return of the great white serial killer” together. Since then we have now ran 5 trips to Guadalupe with an amazing group who have become great friends. This trip is always a season highlight and yet again is did not disappoint.

We always time this trip later in the season for a higher chance to see one of the Island’s bigger females and that was the case once more as during the trip we where visited by mega shark “Lucy”!!! Even late in the season the shark activity was excellent and the atmosphere on deck was amazing. Such an awesome group of shark enthusiasts make for a special trip and having Ralph onboard sharing his knowledge of sharks really gives this trip the edge. We already have a 2020 charter lined up with Ralph and spaces are filling up fast so if you are interested in jumping onboard then please get in touch and we can make it happen for you.

As we look ahead to the 2020 season we are pleased to announce that Paul, Joe and Ralph will all be returning so if you are keen to secure a spot on one of these exclusive charters, get in touch today –

SDX Team

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