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Tiger Sharks in the Bahamas

Posted by Jimi on February 1, 2020

Tiger Sharks in the Bahamas

This January I was involved with a very special and exciting project for Shark Week 2020. Not only was I working alongside a species of shark that has always fascinated me but I also got to visit the Bahamas for the very first time in my career! Although I cannot give away plot details I can tell you that the experience was a huge success and I cannot wait to show you all what we managed to film this coming summer.

New location, new adventure

I had just finished my Guadalupe great white shark season when the call came for me to be involved with a brand new adventure, taking me from the Pacific to the Caribbean and to the famed shark sanctuary of the Bahamas. This is a location that I have wanted to visit all my life and now I was to be involved with a future Shark Week 2020 production!

I cannot give away too many details but I can say that this this project’s goal was to dive into the depths of the Bahamas, searching for deep sea sharks and focusing our search primarily on some very big tigers. I teamed up with shark scientist Austin Gallagher, an expert in tiger sharks and Christine De Silva from Shark Research at the University of Miami and together we spent 10 days in various locations, diving, searching and documenting a multitude of shark species.

Shark safari

Our expedition began at tiger beach, a famed tiger shark location and a destination I had wanted to visit the whole of my life. It certainly didn’t disappoint, what a location! For me, diving at tiger beach was the highlight of this entire project and what a start to my Bahamas adventure! We dived tiger beach for two days and I just can’t tell you how special it was. tigers, bulls, lemons, reefs…….the place is like shark heaven!

From there was visited a number of locations and for the second part of our shoot we where once again joined by the Global sub dive team. I had previously collaborated with this team back in 2017 when we worked together on “Great white abyss” and took their submarines into the depths of Guadalupe Island. This time around we where again using their incredible subs to go into areas never before visited in search of some very elusive deep sea sharks and some deep diving tigers.

Overall this shoot was very unique. 10 days, varying locations, amazing scuba dives, thrilling cage dives and of course all with the aid of the deep sea subs! Working alongside some good friends involved with the production was also another fantastic experience and for a first visit to the Bahamas, it was a very special one. I can’t wait to go back!

Shark week 2020

The show is now in post production and is due to be released this coming summer for Shark Week 2020. This will be my second Shark Week 2020 show (as we also have another Guadalupe show coming out) and I cannot wait to show you all what we managed to film. The production has a lot of action, is packed with sharks and as well as being a lot of fun, it is also a fascinating exploration into unknown waters. I hope you will enjoy it. Watch this space and as it gets nearer the time of release we will have further updates.

Thank you for all your support and keep watching Shark Week!

Jimi Partington

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