• Guadalupe action continues

    Posted by Jimi on 21 Oct 2015

    As we move into mid October at Guadalupe Island the water temperature remains high as do the shark numbers. Very much still the "boys club" at the moment, we are encountering some huge males of whom we are getting to know very well........... Read this update

    Guadalupe action continues
  • Whale sharks at Guadalupe!

    Posted by Jimi on 09 Oct 2015

    After an amazing start to the season we kicked off trips 3 and 4 taking us from late September into early October. Guadalupe is full of life at this point. As well as the numbers of white sharks being very strong, our guests had once in a lifetime encounters with some very interactive whale sharks! Read this update

    Whale sharks at Guadalupe!
  • Guadalupe season begins

    Posted by Jimi on 27 Sep 2015

    We are two trips into our Guadalupe shark season and what a start it has been. Fantastic weather, some great guests and amazing great white shark encounters. If this is anything to go by, the season promises to be a classic! Read this update

    Guadalupe season begins
  • Cape Town to San Diego

    Posted by Jimi on 14 Sep 2015

    I have come to the end of another fantastic season working at Seal Island in Cape Town and am now days away from beginning our 2015 white shark season at Guadalupe Island. Two opposite seasons, two stunning locations and two completely varying white shark populations.... Read this update

    Cape Town to San Diego
  • Who is Deep Blue?

    Posted by Jimi on 17 Aug 2015

    The footage of an enormous great white shark circling divers in a cage at Guadalupe Island was posted online in the last month and has since gone viral around the world. Read this update

    Who is Deep Blue?

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