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Tzitzimitl great white shark

Great White Shark diving in Guadalupe


Shark Facts:

  • Sex - Female
  • Size - 18 foot
  • Identification - Incredible girth, missing the top half of caudal fin, dominates other sharks

Tzitzimitl shark profile

Named after the Aztec goddess, meaning “Air Demon”, Tzitzimitl is a monstrous sized female with a missing upper caudal fin and massive girth. Weighing up to 2 tons with the width of between 6-8ft she is a gigantic shark.

Like many of the other mature females, it is theorized that Tzitzimitl returns to Guadalupe every two years to get pregnant and stock up on high-energy food sources such as the Californian Elephant seals found here. Judging from her scars and missing top half of her caudal fin, courtship with this shark could be described as turbulent to say the least.

This enormous female does not seem to play well with others. On one occasion we where diving in the submersible cage and perhaps curious as to what we where, she began circling us over and over. When a smaller shark attempted to rise up from deeper she would instantly nose dive and force the smaller shark to retreat back down before returning to our cage. She did this time and time again as if saying “this is mine, keep your distance”. A fascinating behavior to observe and definitely not a shark you would want to mess with.

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