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Emma great white shark

Great White Shark diving in Guadalupe


Shark Facts:

  • Sex - Female
  • Size - 15 foot
  • Identification - Heavy scarring on face, newly identified, fiery attitude

Emma shark profile

An exciting shark and relative newcomer, bursting onto the scene in recent years and making an immediate impact, Emma is a smaller yet extremely fiery female we have come to know well in a short space of time.

With massive scarring down the left side of her face she demands your full attention on arrival and responds by putting on a thrilling display.

We really got to know this shark during the 2014 Guadalupe season where she stole the show on many occasions. During a two week film shoot deep into November, Emma also obliged to perform for the cameras on many dives. Most notably lunging at Discovery Channel’s Phantom camera and having her bite recorded at over 1000 fames per second. An incredible shot featured in Shark Week’s 2015 programming.

Originally spotted in 2012, Emma was named by renowned cameraman Andy Casagrande after his wife. She has now been added to the ever growing ID catalogue that has documented over 300 sharks at Guadalupe since 2001. With many years to go we look forward to plenty more interactions with this shark and getting to know many more yet to be identified individuals.

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