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Biteface great white shark

Great White Shark diving in Guadalupe


Shark Facts:

  • Sex - Male
  • Size - 14 foot
  • Identification - Bites to face, Missing tip of Dorsal fin, Full of character

Biteface shark profile

Biteface is one of the original sharks identified at Guadalupe, full of character, he has been seen every year since diving began at the Island. His name, predictably, comes from the massive amounts of scarring on his head.

How does Biteface get his bites? There is a hierarchy amongst sharks and typically size is the deciding factor. When multiple sharks are around, smaller sharks will give way to larger animals in most cases. Should the smaller shark ignore this and get too close then the larger animal will often retaliate by biting the area around the gills and the head. Biteface due to his larger personality obviously attempts to punch above his weight on too many occasions and now wears the scars to prove it.

He is a great shark to have around the boat and is also easily identified from out of the water because the tip of his dorsal fin is missing. On his day, Biteface is a leading showman that can stand alongside the best of the Islands “performers.” If he continues to grow in size, he has the potential to become one of Guadalupe’s’ all time greats.

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