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Bullet great white shark

Great White Shark diving in Guadalupe


Shark Facts:

  • Sex - Female
  • Size - 17 foot
  • Identification - "Bullet hole" marking on dorsal fin, extremely inquisitive, viral sensation

Bullet shark profile

Bullet is a huge 17ft female named after the “bullet hole” marking on both sides of her dorsal fin. After a very close encounter with our divers went viral in the news, she has gone on to become a shark star!

There are not many sharks that fall into the size bracket of 16-20ft so when our team encounters a new animal in this size range it is a very special and rare moment.

Although Bullet has been documented in past seasons on a few occasions, it was our encounter with her in 2019 that became one of the most memorable encounters we have ever experienced. After making a number of very close passes alongside the boat, she suddenly  decided to open her jaws and test bite one of our plastic floats that is attached to one side of our cage. After clamping her jaws onto the floats and shaking her head for a few seconds she then let go, no worse off from the encounter and then continued her amazing display of circling our cage divers.

Once the trip was over we posted some clips of Bullet and her encounter online and it did not take long for international media to pick up the story and make her famous! And rightly so, it was a very special moment that truly captured a wild close encounter. Better still was that the guests who took the footage had no fear during the encounter and where rightly thrilled to be able to witness such an incredible and beautiful creature close up.

Bullet is no doubt a star of the future! To see the viral footage of  her  click on the link and enjoy! –

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