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Gianna great white shark

Great White Shark diving in Guadalupe


Shark Facts:

  • Sex - Female
  • Size - 15 foot
  • Identification - Tagged dorsal fin, Mating scarring, elusive and stays deep

Gianna shark profile

Gianna is an impressive 15ft mature female with a cautious and calm demeanour. She is also one of our tagged sharks and her data has revealed that she migrates vast distances as well as diving to extreme depths along the way.

Gianna is not seen as frequently as many of our other regular sharks, making her one of the Island’s more mysterious individuals. When we do see her she often bears heavy mating scarring along her body, adding to the theory that these larger females return to Guadalupe Island each year to reproduce.

In 2017 when filming “Great White Abyss” for Shark Week, we took a deep sea submarine to around 400ft and managed to film multiple great white sharks deeper than ever before, including a rare and unique sighting of Gianna! To see such a large animal in her own world and at such an incredible depth was a once in a lifetime experience for our team. The film was a huge success and the footage of Gianna (and other white sharks) at depth has gone down as one of Shark Weeks’ most popular moments of recent years.

We find many of the larger animals visit the boat much less than the smaller sharks and we believe that these “mega sharks” such as Deep Blue, Bullet, Lucy and Gianna spend more time in deeper water. Gianna has a tag on her dorsal fin and data has shown that she makes vast migrations throughout the Pacific ocean. Just as fascinating is that the data also shows that some of these larger females like Gianna have dived to over 4,000 feet whist on route! This just proves to us how little we know about these enormous yet highly elusive mega predators.

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