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Heracles great white shark

Great White Shark diving in Guadalupe


Shark Facts:

  • Sex - Male
  • Size - 14 foot
  • Identification - Unique freckles, Slender body shape, Chink in dorsal fin

Heracles shark profile

Covered in freckles and spots, Heracles is unmistakable. In recent years, this shark has endeared himself to our team with his very curious nature. What he lacks in girth he makes up for in length with his long and slender body.

He was first identified as recently as 2015 and was given the Mythological Greek name soon after.

What are Hercacles’ spots and blotches? The truth is that nobody knows exactly what these blemishes are and how the sharks get them. They can be seen on various other sharks including Bruce and Islander, but Heracles has more than most. It is theorised within the scientific community that the marks are similar to freckles and are acquired with age but still the answer to the question remains a mystery.

Recognisable firstly by his appearance, Heracles also has a very curious personality. In 2015 he stepped into the limelight by unknowingly contributing his bite signature to a custom built “bite board” for the Discovery channel documentary “Wrath of a Great White Serial Killer”. After a few attempts “mouthing” the board, he eventually clamped down hard and completely bit the object in two.

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